• Capped Tires vs New Tires

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    There is much debate amongst driver when it comes to wheels and tires for their trucks. For good reason, since there are a lot more options than on a personal auto. Drivers can choose between re-capped tires or new tires, super singles or regular, and steel or alloy wheels.

    With so many options it is hard for drivers to compare the overall best package. Drivers will also need to weigh their options between the lowest immediate costs compared to the overall savings over time.

    Costs are not always the most important factor though. Related Coverage Driving Conditions Have Great Impact On Your Truck Tires

    Some Facts About Truck Tires
    Drivers will also need to take into consideration the fuel economy they are getting as well as the safety of running a cheaper tire. What use is a small savings on wheels or tires when compared to the cost and inconvenience that a driver could face as a result of an at fault accident.
    Many people say that the re-capped tires have a higher tendency to de-laminate but drivers are not sure what to believe with the large brands coming out do defend the re-capped tires. Others believe that the most common reason for de-laminating is due to a lack of the proper air pressure in the tire rather than the type of tire being used.

    Currently there are just about as many re-cap tires on the road as there are new.
    Many commercial truck drivers also have complaints about the super singles. Many say that when they are used on the grooved roads that the tractor will sway more than other tractors will when equipped with standard tires.

    Nobody knows for sure the best combination and options for wheels and tires on a commercial truck. It would be best to speak with an experienced commercial truck driver that has used multiple combinations of wheels and tires, and inquire about their preference.

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    Good information. Thank you Coast Transport for sharing details on truck tires. The right truck tire can save fuel and reduce the chances of having an accident.
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